“Concerns Raised Over School Opening on Eid: 6 Students Killed in Tragic Crash”

Tragedy Strikes in Haryana: Six Children Killed, Over 20 Injured as School Bus Collides with Tree and Overturns. Police Reportedly Identify Driver as Drunk.

In Mahendragarh, Haryana, a tragic incident unfolded as a school bus, belonging to GL Public School, became involved in a devastating accident. This morning, the bus crash claimed the lives of six students who were on their way to school, sparking concerns over bus safety and triggering a debate on accountability.


The accident occurred when the school bus collided with a tree, causing it to overturn. Shockingly, reports from the police suggest that the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. This revelation has further intensified the scrutiny surrounding the incident.

The tragedy has led to questions regarding the decision to keep the school open on Eid, a public holiday. Many parents and locals are expressing disbelief and concern over this decision, particularly in light of the fatal outcome of the accident.

With six children losing their lives and over 20 others sustaining injuries, the community is grappling with the aftermath of this devastating event. Furthermore, revelations about the bus’s expired fitness certificate, dating back to 2018, have raised serious concerns about the maintenance and oversight of school transportation.

As authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, a state road transport official has already faced consequences for failing to ensure that vehicles were operating with valid documents. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of prioritizing safety measures to protect students during their daily commutes to school.

State Education Minister Seema Trikha has confirmed that an inquiry is underway to determine why the school operated on a holiday. She emphasized that the school should have remained closed, and consequently, a show-cause notice has been issued.

“It’s clear that the school should not have been open today. We’ve issued a show-cause notice and additionally obtained self-affidavits from private schools. These schools are required to provide affidavits regarding their transport vehicles’ compliance with transport regulations,” she stated.

Regarding accountability for the tragic incident, the minister asserted that both schools and bus owners will be held responsible alongside the driver.

“In cases where drivers are found to be intoxicated, schools will be held accountable. FIRs will be lodged against the driver, the school principal, and the bus owner,” she affirmed.

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